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Learn to teach. Teach to learn.

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"It is rare to find someone as gifted as Ashley Rideaux. She is one in a million. Her warm and positive personality is equally matched by her thorough, informative teaching style and her musical voice. She is the master of explaining things in a way that everyone can understand and learn from. 


I was fortunate to take my 200 hour teacher training with her and went on amazing yoga retreats with her in Ojai and Bali- all life changing! 


I myself am a certified fitness professional with 25 years experience, and have attended many certifications, workshops and classes. So I know that Ashley Rideaux is world class, and so knowledgable about proper queuing, body alignment, and sequencing. What I learned from her helps me every day in my own practice and when I teach  classes. From beginners to advanced students- Ashley will Provide you with the tools to deepen your practice and be a skilled teacher. 


Practicing  with Ashley is always a positive learning experience and personally transforming. I am happier and inspired just by being around her. She is the best- pure talent, the whole package. "


-Annette A.


"I was drawn to Ashley for my mentorship because she has such a genuine, joyful energy.   Her classes always made me feel good in my body and spirit, whether it be level one, breaking down each pose, or advanced asana, where I would become surprised at how I ended up in a difficult position so skillfully.  She leads with incredible patience and grace, so that those around her are uplifted as well.  Her laugh is contagious and her knowledge of asana and philosophy make learning yoga in and out of the classroom fun and meaningful.  Plus she has the most exquisite voice that could lull even the most rambunctious yogi’s into a peaceful savasana and meditative state."


Stefanie M.

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